22 Wild Bald Eagles Demand Treats And Love From A Brave Alaskan Fisherman

Everyone loves a good Bald Eagle. With their majestic stature, their intense gaze, and their powerful talons, it’s no surprise why these incredible animals were chosen to be the official bird of the United States.

But when you think of a Bald Eagle, the image is usually one of solitude. While we’ve all seen one, two, or three Eagles flying together, usually they always seem to be soaring alone in their never-ending search for food and prestige. Unless they’re flying back to their baby eaglets, then you can expect to find them alone in the sky!

But it turns out these animals might be a bit more social than you originally thought, and this hilarious viral video shows it as a fact!

Fishing is pretty hard work for these creatures, they have to keep a sharp eye out for any fish in the water, tuck their wings in for a dive, and grab a fish at the last possible second before pulling up and away again. So every once in a while when a human shows up in their boats, these Eagles know that the human will give them a bit of a break from all the hard work and toss them some food withnoeffort required!

And it seems that word has gotten out in the Eagle community that this particular boat has some very tasty treats!

While we wouldn’t suggest feeding wild Eagles too often, this man is on the very outskirts of the wild. Fishing in the deadly cold of Alaska is risky business, so if a man like this wants to feed some Eagles, we’re not going to stop him! we especially love the music choice!

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