5 things for Monday, November 21: Hamilton, police shootings, DAPL

(CNN)Drama, drama, drama — and we’re not just talking about Mike Pence’s weekend. Here’s what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Trump 2016

Just hours after Donald Trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle his outstanding Trump University lawsuits, Mike Pence got booed and called out at a Friday showing of “Hamilton.” Trump would not. let it. go. all weekend, but Pence said he was “not offended” by the cast’s statement. Meanwhile, Trump’s weekend meeting with Mitt Romney has set secretary of state rumors swirling.

    2. Police ambushes

    Two police shootings rocked two cities on Sunday: First, an officer in San Antonio was shot during a traffic stop in what is being described as a “targeted killing.” Later, a St. Louis officer was shot while in his car. The gunman was killed after a police pursuit, and the wounded officer is expected to survive.

    3. Syria

    Around 300 people have been killed in the last week in Syria in what has been described as the most intense bombings there in five years. Things were relatively quiet in the three weeks preceding this violence, but now Syrian regime forces are pounding the city yet again.

    4. Dakota Access Pipeline

    Crowds protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota on Sunday got a little unruly, setting two trucks and parts of a bridge on fire. Police bombarded about 400 protesters with tear gas and water, and officials describe the scene as an “ongoing riot.” Critics say the DAPL, an oil pipeline that would run across four states, will endanger the environment and Native American lands, and possibly contaminate water supplies.

    5. Philippines

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (the guy who called President Obama a “son of a b****”) has made some interesting moves as of late. He met with Vladimir Putin over the weekend and praised the Russian president’s leadership. Could this be evidence of Duterte’s intent to align with Russia and China? Here’s more on this outspoken, unrepentant leader.

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    And finally …

    This adorable little girl giggles like a maniac every time her dad steps on the gas. Let’s go full-speed into the week!

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