Anonymous Declare War On The Parents Of The Boy Who Fell Into The Gorilla Enclosure

You may have noticed the other day a child fell into a gorilla enclosure and, due to the danger of death at the hands of a huge gorilla named Harambe, the somewhat trigger-happy, yet potentially justified, zoo-keepers chose to shoot Harambe dead.

People are furious. There’s not that many gorillas in the world as it is and it’s really rubbing salt in the wound when you capture one for the entertainment of paying customers and then get angry when it acts like a gorilla. There’s also the apparent neglegence of the child’s parents to blame… that’s what people are saying anyway.

“If you’re stupid enough to let your kid wander off in a zoo and climb into a gorilla pit, maybe you should be the ones that are shot…” blah blah blah. It’s all the same really and, in the grand scheme of things, not really a viable option. If you see a gorilla about to kill a child, it’s going to make no difference if you then turn around and shoot the parents. The gorilla’s still going to kill the kid and you’ve tripled the death count… mind you, at least the people who would have grieved the most would have been put out of their misery…?

No. Still not an option. Nonetheless, the parents are still getting abuse left, right and centre and, to go with it, a pretty substantial handful of death-threats. Lovely.

Well apparently the the incredible guilt, the prospect of losing a son in a brutal manner anda bunch of idiots spouting hot air isn’t enough of a punishment because, low and behold, Anonymous have declared war on the parents. So far they’ve given out the mother’s phone number and workplace address.

In their video, they said:

Dear citizens of the world, as you may have heard an endangered silverback gorilla, Harambe, was killed this week after a woman, Michelle Gregg, neglected to supervise her children.

We do not see Michelle Gregg as a fit parent. We are calling on an investigation of Michelle Gregg and the zoo. We believe she should be charged in the death of an endangered animal.

We are encouraging every able-bodied person watching this video to participate. #OpHarambe engage.”


Once upon a time, Anonymous used to do cool thinks like hack live onto Fox and have a go at ISIS but this is pretty pathetic…

They cocked up and basically everyone hates them now. That’s enough, surely?

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