Army Dad Reveals Heartbreaking Song Lyrics He Wrote For His Daughter After Coming Home

Unless you yourself have experienced it, I don’t believe that anyone can understand how it feels to have been at war or had a loved one away at war.

The things that someone goes through while deployed, wherever they are, will change a person’s life forever.

Physically, psychologically, and emotionally, a person at war will never come home the same.

There are things that they can’t unsee, or forget.

And that is why Creativetswas created. A nonprofit, founded in 2013, which helps disabled veterans cope with their experiences when they come back home.

They offer therapy in forms of music, art, and songwriting, in order to help them express themselves, and reach their needs in addressing their emotional, physical, or psychological traumas.

As you can imagine, the outcomes of their work is inspirational and constantly tear-jerking. But this one is something special, between a father and daughter who spent years apart.

This brave man,father, and hero, has been able to create a song with lyrics for his little girl, to help describe to her what he could never find the words to say. The lyrics will make your heart hurt, but the fact that he finally got the help he needed to express this love to his daughter, is absolutely amazing.

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