Brave Girl Posts To Facebook To Remove Stigma Of Invisible Illness

The world seems to be more body-positive than ever these days. Everyone can look how they want to is the general theme and that’s pretty awesome.

But whilst the main coverage is on plus-sized models fighting their corner for body equality, we don’t often see a lot about some illnesses that need to be addressed.

That’s whyAimee Rouski, 19, from Liverpool, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, decided to post this brave and heart-wrenching statement to Facebook…

Her aim was to raise awareness of the awful disease which causes inflammation and crucial pain to the intestines. Aimee was dignosed back when she was 11-years-old after she was subject to a number of stomach cramps, loss of appetite, a dangerous amount of weight loss and anal fissures.

Aimee was 15 when she was sent to hospital for seven months where she had three major surgeries. During these surgeries, her large intestine and colon were removed with muscles from her inner thigh being removed to cover the wounds.

She’s now had an overwhelming amount of support with over 11,000 likes and 5,000 shares.

Here’s to you Aimee. You’re incredibly brave and you look great!