Church Is Having A Special Service Until He Grabs The Mic And Belts Out A Classic

Deputy Daniel Green had no idea he was going to become a local celebrity simply due to his beautiful voice.

Green has always loved singing and music, and he’s been known to show up at local churches during their special events. Whenever he sees a band show up to perform some good old fashioned gospel music, he manages to show up to listen for a bit.

Sometimes a congregation will ask him to join in and sing a song or two, but rarely does anyone think of getting the whole thing on film. Luckily, this timethey managed to capture this cop blowing everyone away whilebelting out a beautiful song for the whole group of onlookers!

Deputy Green makes a point to talk to as many people in his community as possible. These days if you watch the news, it seems like there’s nothing but bad guys out there, but the fact of the matter is that stories likethisdon’t sell as well. This officer and the community he serves like to hang out and celebrate their faith together.

It’s pretty great to watch Deputy Green and the whole community celebrate their faith through music. This man truly wants to protect and serve, and it’s great to see that happening firsthand!

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