Curious Cow Approaches Strange Musician, Then The Whole Family Herd Appears

There are a lot of people out there who think cows, and any animal really, are dumb and mindless creatures. They’re seen as soulless animals who don’t have their own personalities and aren’t capable of feeling any real emotions like humans do.

But when one man stood out in a lonely field and began to play his bagpipes, it seems as if a small herd of cows showed the world that they’re a bit more than the simple-minded creatures that most of us assume them to be!

In less than one minute, one very intrigued cow slowly approaches the man playing his song. It’s obvious that this cow is interested and actually seems to be enjoying the music, any animal without emotions wouldnotbe so interested in this man.

A few moments later the rest of the herd filters in, and just about everyone can’t hold back their smiles. These cows really love what’s going on and aren’t afraid to show it to the whole world!

Thank goodness this hilarious little video was caught all on tape! These animals, while they might not be as smart as humans, are beautiful in their own special way, and it’s great to see that they’re being well looked out for, live in a beautiful landscape, and get musical treats from time to time!

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