Dad Picks Up His Tiny Baby And Plays A Perfect Lullaby

Being a parent often means not getting as much time or energy to focus on doing things you loved to do before you were a parent.

This isn’t because any parent is lazy or doesn’t love what they used to do, it’s just often times the hectic nature of raising a kid can eat up alotof your free time. Whether it be working out as often as you like, reading books, or painting, sometimes these hobbies get lost by the wayside when a parent is raising their child.

But one dad, who loves to play the violin, has figured out that he absolutely doesn’t have to give up the music he loves so much. While it’s a bit cumbersome at first, eventually he figures out a way to hold his beautiful babywhileplaying some beautiful music!

Not only does his little kid get the chance to hear music, but being this close to dad will always help socialize any young one in the family. And to make matters even better, dad can now continue playing amazing music while remaining an amazing and caring father.

Maybe this will even inspire his baby to love playing music too, and in a few years these two will be playing together! It just goes to show you that you never have to give up what you love!

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