Female Cop Gives Officer Next To Her A Look, Then The Whole Elevator Springs Into Action

Everyone knows that it’s important to spice up your work day in any way that you can.

It can be so dull to report to your job day in and day out, so it’s completely up to you to make sure that you’re not letting your life pass you by in days filled with boredom.

While there is definitely a bit more excitement in a police officer’s day than most other jobs, there are still quiet moments that could use a little bit of fun to liven them up.

So when these two police officers step into the elevator, it isn’t long before they’re stomping and pounding in a cool beat to make the ride a bit more interesting.

Then, as the elevator makes stops and more people pile in, the man-made music gets even louder and funnier!

Soon the whole car is filled and everyone is getting in on the fun.

The video was filmed as part of New Zealand Police Recruitment’s efforts to bring in new officers and we’re thinking this will work wonders.

Who doesn’t want to spend a few minutes out of the day dancing around the elevator with friends? They’re having such a great time.

It certainly looks like there are some wonderful police officers in New Zealand!

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