Granny Steps Away From Her Walker At A Concert, Then Crowd Goes Wild For Her Rockstar Moves

We’ve all heard the saying, “Age is but a number,” but there are certain people who go out of their way to prove it true.

They ignore any and all limitations that their age is supposed to be putting on them, and they just go about enjoying life in the same fashion that they have been since they were young.

Rock festival attendees in Scotland got even more than they bargained for when an elderly woman took the dance floor during one band’s rendition of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

The Spree festival which takes place in Paisley, U.K., and features music, art, and comedy was in full swing when the woman decided to bust a move right in front of the band, giving everyone an awesome view of her performance.

She even steps back form her walker for her final set of moves an act that has the crowd going absolutely wild for her.

And the look on her face is amazing! She looks absolutely ecstaticto be out on the floor moving around.

Judging by the sounds behind the camera, her happiness is the catching kind, and everyone is smiling right along with her.

Here’s to hoping that we can all be that energetic and joyful as we get older she’s truly an inspiration for people of all ages!

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