Heres Why Margaery Tyrell Is The Cleverest Person In Westeros

While Daenerys has been burning down Dothraki leaders, Sansa waging war on the Boltons and even the Sand Snakes murdering the Princes Doran and Trystane over in Dorne, one Game of Thrones woman who hasn’t been up to much this season, is Margaery Tyrell.

Since being arrested by theFaith Militant at the end of last season,the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms has been languishing inprison. Refusing to admit that she’s a sinner, she’s spent a lot of time being preached to by the over-zealous Septa Unella, and the High Sparrow.

Fast forward to episode six – Blood of my Blood – and all this proselytizing has worked wonders on Margaery. She’s become convinced of her own sins, and decided to atone.

“Wahey”, think the good people of King’s Landing. As if one Queen walking naked through the streets wasn’t fun enough, now another (arguably more attractive) royal will be doing the “Walk of Atonement” nude.

But wait. Just as Margaery is (seemingly) about to set off, Jaime Lannister arrives with an army (and the not-to-be-messed-with Oleanna Tyrell) behind him,adamant that this Queen will not be following in the footsteps (literally) of her predecessor, Cersei.

For a second things are very tense, but then the High Sparrow agrees with Jaime that no, no Margaery will not be making the “Walk of Atonement”.He reveals that she has actually already atoned for her sins, by bringing King Tommen to the faith.

Margaery has (seemingly) joined forces with the people who arrested both her and her brother, locked them up and tormented them. She’s converted, joined the High Sparrow’s cult-like religion, and persuaded her husband (the King) to do the same.

Now, let’s just consider what she’s achieved by this. Margaery is now out of imprisonment (and we can’t help but think that Loras won’t be far behind her). Plus, not only is she Queen again, but she’s also demonstrated considerable power over Tommen. In persuading him to join the faith, she’s wrested him from the control of his parents: last we saw him, he was sacking his “Uncle” Jaime from his long-held position as Head of the King’s Guard.

There’s no way that this was all an accident, andthere’s no way that Margaery has actually embraced the faith. With one deft move (pretending that she’s accepted her sins and converted) she’s out-smarted the High Sparrow, got herself out of prison and established complete control over Tommen.

(Okay, so she might have to share this control with the High Sparrow, but she’s already outmanoeuvred him once, she’s definitely going to be able to outmanoeuvre him again).

Of course, it could just be that Margaery has actually had an epiphany, realised that she’s a sinner and genuinely joined the Faith of the Seven. We just don’t think it’s very likely. Remember last week, when the High Sparrow let her visit Loras? She urged him to stay strong, and was determined that they wouldn’t let the High Sparrow win. Loras, on the other hand, begged her to help him and to “make it stop”.

Margaery has found a way to do just that. She’s won the trust of the High Sparrow, and we’re guessing that next episode, Loras will be out of prison.

Margaery doesn’t need a Lannister army to save her and her brother. She’s negotiated her own emancipation, and is now a lot more powerful because of it.

We can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next.