How to transfer Pokmon to get candy


Ah, the thrill of catching your first Zubat. Then comes the second. And then the third. Suddenly, you have a flock of Zubats and you don’t know what to do with them.

In the world of Pokmon Go, you don’t just let creatures live together in peace. No, you trade your animal to a creepy professor who gives you a piece of candy in return. (A great lesson for the kids out there).

So how do you know which Pokmon to transfer and when to trade them? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Combat Power (CP)

Click your Pok Ball and then select the Pokmon icon. It should list all of the Pokmon you have captured so far.

Each one should have the letters CP next them, as well as a number. CP stands for combat power the higher the CP, the stronger the Pokmon will be in battle.

In general, you want to trade away your low-value Pokmon so you can build up your stronger ones. For example, looking at the Pokmon above, I would transfer the Sandshrew with a CP of 32 so that I could make a CP 88 Sandshrew even stronger.

Do not trade a Pokmon if it’s your only one. There is no advantage to doing this. You can only use the candy you receive for transferring a Pokmon on another of the same type.

So, if I transfer a Meowth, I can’t use the resulting candy for a Growlithe.

How to transfer

We’ve established I want to give away my 32 CP Sandshrew because the world of Pokmon Go is cruel and there is no room for the weak.

Click on the creature, scroll down to the bottom and select “Transfer.” At this point, you’ll see this message:

There are no returns, so make sure you are trading the right Pokmon.

Once you press “Yes” the transaction is over. You can use the resulting candy to evolve or power up your Pokmon.

(Powering up also requires stardust, which you get by hatching eggs, capturing Pokmon and defending Gyms. Save that stardust only for your most powerful Pokmon).

Finally, the most important question: What is Professor Willow (who has become quite the sex symbol) doing with the Pokmon you are transferring to him? Are they being sold to Pokmon farms in exchange for candy? Or are they being ground up into candies and being fed back to Pokmon?

Open your eyes people! It’s time we demand answers from the Pokindustrial complex. Right after I catch another Zubat …

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