Kid Destroys $15,000 LEGO Structure An Hour After Exhibit Opens

Kids, they just can’t help themselves. Even when they aren’tdeliberatelycausing destruction, their clumsy bonescome out to play and go smashing things up anyway.

That’s what happened with this kid, excepthis clumsy bones have been causing some expensive damage. This wasn’t just your grans favourite vase or dad’s football mug, it wasa $15,000 LEGO structure depictingNick the Fox from Zootopia, andhe completely destroyed it. Champion.

Here it is, with Zhao, he artist who created it.

Such a cool dude…


The expo in Ningbo, China, had been open for around an hour when the fatality happened. Zhao, the artist who had built the figurine, had spent three days making his magic happen.

If we look on the brightside of things, and that’s what we like to do here at helloU, at least it was LEGO and Zhao can just piece it back together. He could even turn it into a live exhibition and live stream it or something. This isn’t a disaster, it’s an opportunity.

Apparantly Zhao declined any compensation for what happened and claimed that the kid didn’t do it on purpose. The parents were apologetic, as you’d expect, and the kid was…Well, we don’t know how the kid felt, but I’d imagine he wasn’t feeling too hot about himself. This kind of thing is way more embarrassing than accidentally calling your teacher ‘mum‘ when you’re at school.

The LEGO Movie is probably now a horror in his eyes.

Speaking of which, here’s the teaser trailer for the LEGO Batman movie. Can’t wait for this.