Man Drops Dead Watching The Conjuring 2, And Now His Body Is Missing

An unnamed 65-year-old man has died after having what is believed to be a heart attack, while watching new horror movie, The Conjuring 2.

The Times of India reported that during the film’s climax, the mancomplained of chest pain, and then collapsed. Ambulances rushed him to hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon his arrival.

The man’s companion (who he had been watching the film with), was then asked to accompany the man’s body to another hospital, where he would undergo a post-mortem.

This is where it gets even weirder. They never arrived. The man’s companion went awol with thebody, and a police investigation –trying to determine what happened – is currently underway.

Now, the man and his friend were believed to have been staying atan ashram (a spiritual hermitage) and there have beenmixed reports of the companion being seen taking his friend’s body on an auto-rickshaw, and heading in the direction of their accommodation.

So far, authorities haven’t been able to find them, and withneither the dead man nor his companion identified, it could be a while before the police candetermine what happened.

While chances are that the man had some sort of pre-existing heart condition, and the film was just a bit too much for him, the mysterious disappearance of his body (and his friend) will certainly have believers in the occult speculating that something more sinister is going on…

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