Millie Mackintosh Slammed For Posting Instagram Picture With Hairy Legs

And for today’s installment of ‘things people give a sh*t about that they really shouldn’t’, we have someones hairy legs.

For all the people who missed the memo, us humans have legs. Those legs grow hair. Some of us choose to remove it, some of us don’t. Namely, men.

When was the last time anyone gave a guy cr*p for his hairy legs?

Women, however, do tend to be given trouble for not remaining 100% hair free at all times. Millie Mackintosh for one.


A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@milliemackintoshofficial) on

The former Made in Chelsea star posted a snap to Instagram slyly bragging about her sick life, but people didn’t care about that. Not when there are more important things to care about, duh.

Wow. Just wow. That wasn’t all, though, quite a few people came to Millie’s defence and admitted that their own thighs are pretty hair too.

Who can be bothered to shave above the knee anyway?!

Well, there we have it. More time was wasted talking about a celebrity’s leg hair. Not sure what was gained from it. So, in the future, let’s just live and let live shall we? Or grow and let grow, should I say.

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