Mo Farah Humiliated By Suspected Racist Abuse On Flight Home

Mo Farah probably can’t walk down a single street in the UK without being recognised, he is that much of a hero, but it seems his popularity doesn’t stretch to all corners of the planet. His wife, Tania Farah, has revealed that he was the victim of some pretty shocking treatment on his way home fromRio.

Tania told The Sunday Telegraph that her husband was humiliatingly forced to go to the back of the queue when the flight attendant on his connecting flight from Atlanta refused to believe that he had a business class ticket (which he did). The couple were attempting to board a plane back home two days after Mo picked up Olympic Gold in the 5000m when the incident occurred.

This woman basically humiliated him until people came forward and said: Thats Mo Farah, the Olympic champion She was mortified afterwards, but had basically yelled at him like he was a piece of shit to get back into line.

He was the only black person [in the queue] and hadnt done anything to warrant it. I just knew she had a problem with him.

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The Telegraph reports that Mo was finally allowed to board the flight when a second official got involved. He was given a round of applause when he got on the plane.

Other witnesses tothe incident claim that Tania called the Delta Airlines worker “fucking pathetic”and toldher that she led a “sad little life”.

Tania, like her husband, is a Muslim. She went on to discuss how she sometimes worries about discussing her religion because of the way people might view her.

Im sometimes a bit wary of telling people Im a Muslim because Im worried of how they might view me. It sounds terrible because I should be proud and I am, but Im also conscious of how were viewed nowadays.The more people can give a positive image for Islam the better because we so need it and were all about peace.

In other, more positive news, Mo Farah today won the Great North Run, becoming the first man to win the half marathon three years in a row.

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