Mom Catches Baby In Car Seat Belting Out Lyrics To Vintage Gospel Song

This darling little boy might look like a mere toddler, but that doesn’t mean he can’t belt out some music like the biggest stars out there!

Mom had already fixed her little baby into his car seat when she turned on the classic Gospel song, “I’m blessed,” it was a totally normal day when she suddenly heard her little boy singing right along with the song!

Mom must have played this song quite often, because this adorable kid seems to know the lyrics by heart. Even though he struggled with a few of the lines, it’s pretty clear that he has some musical talent and that when he gets a bit older he’ll be singing his own Gospel songs right there in front of the whole church!

Babies and toddlers might not always look like they’re paying attention to their surroundings, but when you watch this adorable little video it becomes very clear that they are totally aware of exactly what’s going on.

Not only do they watch when you think they’re not, but they listen so closely and so well that in a matter of days they’ll have full songs completely memorized!

This little toddler is clearly going to become quite the singer as he gets older, and all we can hope is that his parents make sure he doesn’t get a big head as he ages. With all that talent it’s easy to get a bit full of yourself, but something tells us that his family is going to make sure he stays humble!

It should be noted that the parents have since gotten their toddler a new car seat, he’s just growing too fast!

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