Nervous Teen Is The Last Contestant, Collapses Onstage In Tears When She Hears Simons Critique

We all know Simon Cowell is a notoriously tough judge.

But that’s also what makes him such agoodjudge. Any praise he gives a contestant always seems genuine and thought-through, especially since he is so sparing with his positive feedback.

Take, for example, the time he leapt out of his chair to hit the golden buzzer for a 16-year-old cancer survivor on America’s Got Talent. And his excitement for the young singer didn’t end there he even made his way onstage to congratulate her in person, too!

On The X Factor UK 2016 6 Chair Challenge, Simon is faced with many difficult decisions as he has to whittle the contestant count down to only a final six.

And, by the time 16-year-old Olivia Garcia takes the stage for her turn, she’s facing a terrifying sight: all six chairs have already been filled.

The young girl is visibly nervous as she takes the stage. Her voice breaks as she introduces herself, saying she “only hopes to make Simon proud.”

Beforethe music starts playing, a skeptical Simon turns to his fellow judges and mutters, “She’s so nervous.”

But that’s where it all changes. From the very first notes, it becomes evident that Garcia’s voice is absolutely incredible. The crowd roars, the judges can’t hide their excitement and from the look on his face, Simon knows he’s in for a very, very tough decision.

Watch the video below to see the outcome of his difficult choice, and please SHARE this video with your friends and family!

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