‘Observer’ journalist emerges as one of Donald Trump’s sharpest critics

In this May 2, 2016, file photo, Jared Kushner, left, and Ivanka Trump arrive at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala, celebrating the opening of “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” in New York.
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A journalist for theNew York Observerhas suddenly become one of the most visible and effective critics of Donald Trump as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Observer entertainment writer Dana Schwartz took Kushner to task on Wednesday overhis unwillingness to confront the anti-Semitism that has been whipped up by the Trump campaign.

What, in another election and another media cycle, might have just been a tweetstorm in a teapot, has recently served to highlightthe inexperience and continued foibles of the Trump campaign.

Kushner’s piece published in the New York Observer,which he owns was actually a response to an earlier essay by Schwartz, also published in the Observer. Schwartz’s piececalled out Kushner over a Trump campaign tweet criticizing Hillary Clinton that was widely seen as anti-Semitic, and which the campaign has stood by, accusing the media of deliberately misreading the message’s intent.

On July 2, Donald Trump sent out a now-infamous tweet that included an image of Hillary Clinton over a pile of money alongside a six-pointed star that read “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

The tweet was quickly attacked for its anti-Semitic overtones. Miclegitimized those critiques when it found the image had originated on white supremacist message boards.

Trump and his campaign have denied those connections, arguing (among other things) that the star is meant to be a sheriff’s badge.

Plenty of articles have been written on the subject, but none resonated like the one Schwartz published on Tuesday. Schwartz is an entertainment writer at the New York Observer, a paper particularly notable in this case because it is owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Schwartz detailed the numerous issues with the anti-Semitism of Trump’s tweet noting that it hurt her on a personal level.Schwartz is Jewish, as is Kushner.

“And now, Mr. Kushner, I ask you: What are you going to do about this? Look at those tweets I got again, the ones calling me out for my Jewish last name, insulting my nose, evoking the holocaust, and tell me Im being too sensitive,” Schwartz wrote.

Kushner responded on Wednesday in a piece that primarily defended Trump. He did, however, seem to acknowledge that some mistake had been made.

“If my father in laws fast-moving team was careless in choosing an image to retweet, well part of the reason its so shocking is that its the actual candidate communicating with the American public rather than the armies of handlers who poll-test ordinary candidates every move,” Kushner wrote.

It didn’t take long for Schwartz to respond. On Twitter, she dissected many of the points Kushner made.

Kushner has owned the Observersince 2006 when he bought the paper at the age of 25. He is the son of a wealthy New York real estate developer.

He married Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, in 2009.

Plenty of people pushed back on Kushner’s article, including what appeared to be his own cousin.

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