People Cant Find The Phone On This Rug And Theyre Not Happy About It

Oh, internet. Sometimes it’s groundbreaking, other times – a little repetitive. People on the internet love a good brainteaser and a test of their smarts. Even if it does mean staring at a picture on the internet for fifteen minutes.

The latest is a picture of a lovely floral rug, with the challenge of ‘find the phone’. Admittedly, you might have to stare a while until you see this one folks.

Spotted it yet? No?You’re not alone. Lots of people are struggling:

Oh, bus wanker, my friend. You’re wrong, there is a phone.

Here’s a helping hand:

You can see it now right?

Don’t you feel a hundred times better? Now that you’ve wasted part of your day on something completely pointless? Me too. Join the club.

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