Petition For Second EU Referendum Reaches 1 Million Signatures

Following the results of the EU referendum yesterday, a petition gained so much popularity that it crashed the website.

That petition was one created on the 25th of May, that called for a second referendum if in the event that whoever won only won by a small margin – that another referendum be held.

This idea was initially put forward by the leave campaign, with Nigel Farage stating thathewould fight for a second referendum on Britain in Europe if the remain campaign won by a narrow margin.

Hetold the Mirror:

In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.

That was a surprisingly good prediction – the British public did vote 52-48, but in favour of leaving Europe.

Yesterday, the petition hit 100,000 signatures before midday, which meant it would have to be discussed in parliament.

But that didn’t stop people, the petition now has over 1,250,000 supporters – possibly the most successful petition we’ve ever seen.

It’s in line with worrying Google statistics released that showedthe large amounts of people making EU related searches (namely ‘what is the EU’ and ‘what is Brexit’ shown in the graph above) after the voting had closed, showing a lot of voters didn’t really know what they were voting about.

And then there’s, you know, this:

Many people are coming out and saying that they wish they could vote again and change from leave to remain, and elecoral services walkers have reported an influx in people calling to ask if they can change their vote.

One leave voter, Khembe Gibbons, a lifeguard from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, said she had regrets about her decision after Mr Farage said he could not guarantee NHS funding.

“We’ve left the EU, David Cameron’s resigned, we’re left with Boris, and Nigel has just basically given away that the NHS claim was a lie,I personally voted leave believing these lies, and I regret it more than anything, I feel genuinely robbed of my vote.”

Others claim that a second referendum would be ‘un-democratic’.

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You can sign the petition here.

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