Pig-shaped Ed Sheeran statue brings home the bacon at charity auction

A pig-shaped statue that looks like Ed Sheeran has helped raise money for an Ipswich hospice.
Image: Getty Images / Helen Boast

LONDON How much would you pay for a statue of Ed Sheeran?

What about a pig-shaped statue of Ed Sheeran?

Because that’s a thing, and somebody paid a lot more for it than I can comprehend.

At a charity auction at Trinity Park in Ipswich, UK, which raised 152,550 for the town’s St. Elizabeth Hospice, one item stood out above the rest.

Behold: Ed Sheer-ham.

The ceramic pig sold for 6,200 not the highest bid of the evening, believe it or not.

Another piggy, Ipswich Blue, beat out the Ed Sheeran tribute by 300.

Have you met the beautiful Ipswich Blue? Inspired by Dutch Delftware pottery, you can find her on Ipswich Waterfront.

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Sheeran has expressed his support for the charity project and even offered to sign his pig doppelgnger with a personal dedication to the winner.

Ed Sheer-ham was one of a collection of 39 pig-inspired art pieces, all with ham-tastic names, such as Elvis Porksley, Shakespeare-inspired Ham-let and Frankenswine, which as you may have guessed resembles a stylised interpretation of Mary Shelley’s monster.

Check out some of the statues below:

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