‘Pokmon Go’ battle strategies are now more accessible for colorblind users

When it comes to super high stakes battles on Pokmon Go, you don’t want to just choose your attack technique willy-nilly.

That’s why Pokmon-type charts exist to show how you how damaging your move will be.

Because these charts typically categorize strength with different colors, they can be challenging for colorblind readers to interpret. So, Reddit user zonination created six “colorblind-friendly” versions.

Even though Pokmon attack/defense charts sometimes use symbols (such as number or plus/minus signs) on top of the colored blocks, scanning for color is a much faster way to interpret them. Here are zonination’s new charts:

The darker the square, the stronger the move.

In a typical attack/defense chart, the colors can sometimes be difficult to distinguish for colorblind people.

Pokmon Go has been inspiring unexpected adventures since it was released last week, and luckily charts like zonination’s will facilitate that in more people.

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