Read the harsh early reviews of ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

Liam Hemsworth in a still from ‘Independence Day: Resurgence.’
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Stateside movie critics won’t get an early look at Independence Day: Resurgence and reviews coming in from Europe might explain why.

Roland Emmerich’s sequel to his original 1996 blockbuster has been getting “mixed” responses, from middling to downright terrible.

UK-based site GamesRadarsaid this of the film:“In the end, Goldblums Levinson sums it up while talking about the mothership sucking up whole cities from the Earths surface: ‘What goes up, must come down.’ Sadly, he might have been talking about the franchise.”

Time Out Londongives it three out of five stars, saying it’s “crammed with pornographic destruction and madcap action.”

“It’s only two hours long,” writer Tom Huddleston says. “So its goodbye to proper character development and the slow-build tension that made the first film such a thrill, and hello to exposition delivered at double speed and a cop-out ending that makes absolutely no sense.”

Empirewas a lot more forgiving, calling it full of “outsize silliness,” but “less effective” than its predecessor.

“As spectacular as youd hope from a sequel to the 1996 planet-toaster, and as amusingly cheesy,” writer Dan Jolin says. “Youll enjoy yourself enough that you wont even miss Will Smith.”

Screen Anarchysays the film’s special effects are “clunky and silly, but not in a fun way.” Additionally, the acting is lackluster newcomer Jessie T. Usher has the “charisma of an office chair,” and Liam Hemsworth is “woefully drab.”

“The original was a fun, campy B-movie with a huge budget, but this sequel is an utter failure in almost every regard,” writer Pierce Conran says.

Indepedence Day: Resurgencehits theaters for the rest of us plebeians on June 24.

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