Riley Curry vs Demi Smith: The underrated match-up of the NBA’s Father’s Day Game 7

Steph and Riley Curry (left) and J.R. and Demi Smith (right), two adorable NBA father-daughter combos
Image: Getty Images

While many fans are excited for Sunday night’s Game 7 and the pivotal match-up of Steph Curry versus Lebron James, there’s a new undercard battle in the series and it’s cute kid versus cute kid.

Popular sports kid Riley Curry, daughter of Steph, now has competition in the form of Demi Smith, daughter of Cavs player J.R. Smith (he of the reality show Kickstarter project). Prior to Thursday’s Game 6, Demi delivered the below message about her father.

While Smith and the Cavs went on to win Game 6 to force Game 7, it’s a great Father’s Day reminder as to why sports kids are the best.

As for Riley’s stance on the series, we don’t know what the reigning Sports Kid MVP is thinking. She’s been out of the spotlight for the most part after refusing to kiss her father following the Warriors’ big Western Conference Finals win over Oklahoma City.

But the Internet has taken notice of the 29-year-old man from Nashville, TN who happens to have the same name as the NBA MVP’s daughter.

But even he had a special Father’s Day NBA Finals message before the deciding game.

Maybe we’ll see Riley back at the interview podium if the Warriors repeat as champions. For now, Riley’s still got her eyes on us.

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