Sick Kids Prove Cancer Wont Beat Them With Tearjerking Music Video

September is childhood cancer awareness month. So, much like everyone should, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance decided to do something special for the little fighters.

If you haven’t already heard “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, or seen the 16-year-old cancer survivor Calysta Bevierget the golden buzzer after belting it out on America’s Got Talent, then it’s your lucky day.

The perfect opportunity to hear the song lies below, and it is full of beautiful children, with hope and strength in their eyes.

“Fight Song” has become so popular because of it’s touching lyrics, about fighting through battles and doing it all for yourself against the odds. And telling everyone that no matter what anyone else says, you’re going to be okay again.

It can relate to battles of any kind, not just cancer, and it has taken over the internet in so many young people’s videos about their own personal journeys through life.

I myself have never battled something nearly as serious or scary as cancer, but the lyrics of this song can still help me get through my seemingly tiny battles through everyday life.

The little kids in the video below will warm your heart, and I couldn’t help the tears from flowing down.

Everyone should see this beautiful reminder of the seriousness of childhood cancer and all of the kids it effects.

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