Sky Ferreira had creative control of her own unretouched ‘Playboy’ cover

Sky Ferreira is the cover star of the October issue of Playboy, and they gave her the reigns of the magazine to make sure everything isn’t embarrassing.

“I am the first bunny ever to be a creative collaborator and creative/art direct. I produced and directed all of the content,” she wrote on Instagram.

The musician, actress and model also notes that her body isn’t retouched in the photos, which were taken by her best friend, photographer Sandy Kim. The issue also serves as a visual introduction to Masochism, the follow up to her excellent debut, 2013’s Night Time, My Time.

Actor Bruce Dern interviews Ferreira, naturally.

Ferreira recently made headlines after an LA Weekly post about how hot the writer thinks she is, which Ferreira called out for being sexist, so posing for a magazine like Playboy with complete creative control sends a strong message.

Ferreira tells Dern that her fight for agency has been a struggle her entire career.

“Even when I was 15 years old, going by myself to meetings with Sony or some other place, theyd be like, ‘Little girl, you dont know what youre talking about.’ But they kept wanting to get my music from me,” she explains. “Theres this entire ‘shut up and be pretty’ mentality.”

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Playboy went under a makeover recently, cutting nudes from the magazine in a bid to widen its audience and legitimately be a magazine people can say you buy, “for the articles.”

The issue also features Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, comedian Ali Wong and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator and star Rachel Bloom.

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