The X Factor Proposal That Has Divided The Internet

Whatever happened to the X Factor being a straight up talent show?

There was a teenageron the show last week, a very talented guy, and they played that sad music that they roll out to try and tug on our heart strings as he told us all how devastated he was at breaking up with his ex. Now, I’m sure he was devastated, and for him personally it must have been a very difficult time, but he’sa young man, isn’t going through some sort of heartbreak just the norm? So why did the X Factor bosses feel the need to try and turn into a sob story for the whole nation? Just let him sing! Don’t even get me started on the reconciled friends who fell out over a chicken, although in fairness that was just one massive bag of LOL.

This week the showgave us something slightly different, a marriage proposal. The musical act, He Knows She Knows, is comprised of Sharna and Stephen, a couple that have been together six months and are clearly pretty keen on each other. After being sent through to the judges houses, Stephen took the chance to get down on one knee and propose. Some people loved it, some people are probably still cringing now.

It’s nothow I’d choose to do it, but marriage proposals should be unique to the couple and what is special between them. So the reality is that only Sharna and Stephenwill know if it’s a fitting way for him to pop the question. In Stephen’s defense they have probably spent the last six months talking about this as their big moment, so it probably does mean a lot to them. Perhaps she’d also mentioned to him before that she wanted to millions of people to see her proposed to. The people of the internet formed two very clear camps.

There were the haters

And the lovers.

Which camp are you in?

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