These Are The New Emojis Coming Your Way

Emojis are are basically the bread and butter of our society these days. I recently found myself in a group chat in which they pretty much communicated entirely using the little pictures. Who even needs words, eh?

Most of us use emojis, so most of us should get pretty excited because there are 72 new ones coming our way. And they include all the important ones; a selfie arm, croissant, bacon and aface palm.

And not to mention the one that looks suspiciously like a certain Joffrey Baratheon.

And the best part? They’re going to be out in the next month or so! Bacon baguettes here we come!

There are a load more and you can see the full list here.

And while we’re on the topic, we did a little research and submitting potential emoji ideas is actually open to all of us – so if you have an idea for an emoji you know would be hella dope, submit it.

And here’s Chris Hemsworth doing his best emoji impressions:

Bearing in mind we now have a bacon and avocado emoji, what emoji do you still think we need? Let us know in the comments