This cowboy brought his horse into a Taco Bell after a rodeo

Taco Bell has been known to satisfy late night cravings, but now it’s gotten attention for its post-rodeo entertainment too.

Cowboy Lathan Crump and his horse paid a visit to their local Taco Bell after a rodeo last week.

Yes, his horse came along for a fourth meal, too.

“Well ole Hollywood was a lil hungry after the rodeo so I road him in to grab a bite,” he said.

The video shows the two strolling into the Campbell, Texas, fast food joint like it’s a casual occurrence. Most people in the Taco Bell laughed through the unsanitary ordeal.

According to news reports, it’s Crump’s tradition to visit a Taco Bell after a competition. His friends were the ones who convinced him to do so with Hollywood, the horse that’s been by his side since he was a colt.

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