Twitch appears to be getting its own version of Amazon Prime, called Twitch Prime

It appears that Twitch-integrated gamesare not the only thing Amazon has been working on with the live-streaming site it owns. A small number of Twitch users are now reporting seeing a new section called Twitch Prime pop upin their profiles. According to a banner ad spotted by one user, Twitch Prime will include perks like free loot every month, as well as exclusive discounts on new-release games, ad-free viewing and more.

Update: an hour after we posted this, Twitch officially announced Twitch Prime

It appearsthe user, Dennis Sdtler, whos based in Germany, was accidentally shown a test of Twitch Prime, as he encountered a test game that popped up with placeholder text along witha few more details about joining Twitch Prime. He says the content was only shown briefly, around1 PM EST on Friday (17:00 UTC).

Thescreen also informed him that Twitch Prime was included with an Amazon Prime membership at no additional cost.


That means, like some of Amazon Primes other benefits such as Amazon Music or Prime Video, Twitch Primewill be sold both within the larger $99 per year Prime membership package as well as a standalone subscription. The banner touted a 30-day free trial, but Sdtler was not able to catch the pricing.

In addition to this sighting, anotherTwitter user, Tyler Kizner, found a non-functional link to Twitch Prime in hisSettings section, next to Channels & Videos, also for a brief time.

The link replaced the Turbo section that was there previously. That would make sense if Twitch Prime was a rebranded Turbo Twitchs currentpaid tierthat removes ads and offers other features for $8.99 per month.

Kizner said the Twitch Prime link was non-functional when clicked, and redirected him back to the Twitch homepage. (The banner link is, and continues to redirect at this time.)

Sdtler told us that hes been data mining Twitchs site for a few weeks, and caught a few other references to Prime, which was being referred to internally as Premium.

He spotted other new features, too, like Twitch Launcher, which he describes as a small program for downloading games bought on the Twitch-integrated Amazon platform. This includes games like Breakaway, the first Twitch-integrated Amazon Game Studios title.

While services tend to test new features all the time, theres a good chance that Twitch Prime is going to be announced today, given that TwitchCon, the live-streaming companys annual conference, is currently underway.

Amazon acquired Twitch back in 2014 for over a billion dollars, but the gamingsite has operated relatively independently until lately. In recent days, that has changed. For example, Amazon ran some of its pilot TV programs on Twitch, and yesterday it announced the first Amazon Game Studios titles that will feature Twitch integrations.

Twitch was not immediately available for comment.

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