When Garry Marshall snagged Robin Williams

(CNN)Why was Garry Marshall, the man who hired me to work on “Mork & Mindy” and was responsible for so many classic comedy shows, such a naturally funny person?

This is hard to describe. The reason is that it was all in Garry’s delivery: His minimal responses in his thick Bronx accent — his use of his accent was what made him so comical. “Don”t Worree. It’s Funnee. It’s gonna be fiiine,” are not necessarily funny lines, except they were when he said them.


    The wondrous humor Garry prolifically created and shared with the world is his legacy. But for those of us who were lucky enough to have reaped the benefits of his genius, sharing time and space with him on planet Earth, the feeling of loss is profound.
    I think I can risk saying that Garry was all of our favorite uncle the one you could drop in on at any time, who would welcome you with open arms, be there to chat, guide you or help you out of a pinch if you needed it.
    Garry was “the it” guy, a larger than life character whose ultimate goal was to “just make it funny!” Those of us who were catapulted to fame because of the great fortune of being drawn into his orbit will be eternally grateful for the amazing careers we might never have had otherwise.
    So to Uncle Garry, thank you and farewell. We on planet Earth shall miss you.

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